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Equine supplements

The market for equine supplements is often confusing for horse owners, with little regulation and a huge number of products, many of dubious quality and with little scientific basis. To help our clients pick a way through this minefield we have chosen a number of supplements manufactured by Hestevard, a leading European manufacturer, with both quality and cost effectiveness in mind. These supplements are ones that have been shown to be successful by our clients and have a scientific basis behind them.

Equine product guarantees

All Phoenix Equine products are guaranteed from the inside out.

Guaranteed analysis

The ingredients are checked for quality and tested for contaminants on arrival at the plant. The production facilities have tight quality controls throughout and the finished product is tested for batch composition.

Guaranteed traceability

Each of the individual ingredients within the product are fully traceable and batch controlled.

Ingredient declaration

The ingredients within the products are fully declared so that the veterinary surgeon can make an informed decision about the best product for the client.

Clarity and confidence in equestrian competition

The FFPS TESTED symbol certifies that the product concerned has been tested in one of the world’s premium independent, internationally trusted drug surveillance laboratories against the presence of Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (including for example caffeine and morphine), before being released to the market.

Supplements available in this range are:

Mineral and vitamin supplements

  • Haemo tonic
  • Mineral and vitamin balancer

Joint supplements

  • Glucosamine
  • Elite mobility aid

Other supplements for the musculoskeletal system

  • Hoof aid
  • Equine muscle aid

Supplements for the digestive system

  • Gastric supplement
  • Digestive balancer

Supplements for the nervous system

  • Veterinary equine calmer

Supplements for the respiratory system

  • Veterinary airway assist

Please click here to download our supplement brochure. Contact us if you would like any more information on our supplements or would like to place an order.

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