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Bespoke worming services

At Phoenix Equine we run a complete in-house worming service to help you to control and prevent worm infestations in your horse. The scheme is run by our head nurse, Janie Hucker J-SQP.

Our aims include:

  • Identifying horses at high risk of developing heavy worm burdens
  • Targeting specific and effective treatments for those horses who need it
  • Preventing worm related disease
  • Reducing the over-use of worming products
  • Saving money for the owner

Our services include:

Diagnosis of specific worm threats

  • In house testing of faecal samples for worm eggs and larvae at competitive prices (reduced prices available for multiple samples from yards).
  • Text reminders to alert you when your next worm egg count is due (provided that you give us permission for us to contact you in this way).
  • Saliva Testing for Tapeworm (a simple quick and reliable test which can be performed by owners and submitted via the post).
  • Blood testing for the presence of encysted cyathostomes (Red Worm)

Worming Advice

  • Advice on worming and pasture management from our qualified veterinary surgeons and SQPs based on the test results from your horse. If worming is recommended we will advise you on the most appropriate wormer to use.
  • Advice on strategic worming for specific worm threats at certain times of year, particularly small red worm larvae and tapeworm.

Cost Effective Treatment

  • Prices for equine wormers that are competitive with internet pharmacies.

Clients interested in this service are invited to contact Janie on 01392 793600 orĀ 01803 364500 for individual worming advice, including the tests we offer or for a FREE Worm Egg Count Kit.

You can find further information on specific tests below:

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