Racing services

The vets at Phoenix Equine are registered as members of the ARVS (Association of Racecourse Veterinary Surgeons) and are in attendance at all meetings at the Newton Abbot and Exeter Racecourses.

Tony Kaye is the senior veterinary surgeon at both courses and is responsible for a team of three treating vets who provide first aid and emergency care to all the runners, both on course and at the busy stable yard. The vets also provide endoscopy on site to the trainers as an additional service when not dealing with emergencies. The vets can be found in the veterinary treatment boxes between races or out on the course following the horses around the track during the races. They keep in touch by radio with each other, as well as with the horse ambulance, clerk if the course and ground staff, from their different locations to ensure that all angles of the course are covered.

The welfare of the racehorses is absolutely paramount and a huge amount of work from the ground staff as well as the veterinary teams ensures that the safety and health of every horse is taken care of to the best of their abilities throughout each race day.

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