Vet looking through microscopeWith the summer well underway it’s that time of the year to think about worming again.

At Phoenix Equine our head nurse Janie runs the worm egg counts (WEC) and tailors a worming programme to suit each individual horse. Each WEC is priced at £10 plus VAT, which includes a sample pack and free return postage (special prices are available for multiple samples from livery or other yards).

Performing worm egg counts allow us to strategically worm your horse to reduce the risk of drug resistance as well as being cost effective and environmentally conscious. We also run a free text reminder service to remind clients when their next WEC is due and these prices include veterinary advice on when worming is required and which product to use.

We are now able to be competitive with internet prices on wormers so we can help you keep your horse healthy. You can find out more about our worming services here.

For any enquiries please contact Janie on 01392 793600.

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